Digital X-Rays

While a number of dental issues can be seen with the naked eye, unfortunately, some other aches and pains may not be so obvious. As a patient, you may need to have dental x-rays taken. Traditional dental x-rays are a routine procedure that any orthodontist can perform. What sets Hook Orthodontics apart from other dental practices is our use of digital dental x-rays. But what are digital dental x-rays, and why would you want your orthodontist to use them?

Digital X-Rays - Hook Orthodontics

Digital X-Rays Defined

Digital dental x-rays are the most advanced form of dental biotechnology available for widespread use. Traditional dental x-rays use film, as is still the norm in some dental and orthodontic practices. Instead, we use a state-of-the-art system by which sensors are placed in the mouth to capture digital images. By using digital dental x-rays, we at Hook Orthodontics are able to see past the tissue and into the deeper areas of your mouth, such as the jaw bone. We use the images to diagnose dental problems such as cavities, bone or gum loss, periodontal disease, benign or malignant tumors, and other normal or abnormal structures within the lower portion of the head. In other words, we are able to identify and treat oral health problems that other orthodontists might miss due to their use of outdated technology.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

We use digital dental x-rays for many reasons, mostly to provide the best care possible for our patients. Some of the other benefits of using digital dental x-rays are:

  • Less radiation – Digital x-rays use less radiation than traditional x-rays; in some cases, up to 90% less.
  • Easier preparation for our staff – Our staff needs little to no preparation time because digital x-rays are so simple to capture. This benefit is an advantage for our patients because there is less wait time for them in between appointments.
  • Higher quality images – Digital images are so clear and adaptable that it makes it easier to identify issues and plan appropriate treatment.
  • Transferring dental records immediately – The images that we capture are digital so that they can be instantly sent to any other specialty office within seconds for further interpretation.
  • Environmental friendly– Landfills won’t need to be piled up with noxious chemicals used in traditional film x-rays. Digital radiography does not have to use any chemicals for developing the film.
  • A complete view – Digital dental x-rays show multiple images that give us the critical information that we need to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Immediate availability – When digital x-rays are used, your oral health can be viewed in real-time without waiting for the time it takes for traditional x-ray film to develop.

How Do Digital X-Rays Work?

For the most part, digital x-rays are similar to traditional dental x-rays. However, digital dental x-rays use sensors which are placed comfortably in your mouth. These sensors capture the images of your teeth, tissue, and bones. The sensors that are used are the main advantage of using digital technology over traditional methods. The sensors are connected to a computer, which can quickly and accurately diagnose any problems with your teeth. Also, we can use these digital images to more thoroughly explain to you what the problem is and how we will make it better.

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