Patient Testimonials

The Hook Orthodontics team has earned their excellent reputation through years of service for their patients. Below are some patient testimonials that demonstrate the high level of care the provides.

I am so thankful for Hook Orthodontics! I brought my daughter in for a free consultation and left with a wealth of knowledge, a free panoramic X-ray, and peace of mind. The team was very honest, friendly, and thorough. My daughter actually ended up not needing treatment, which was a welcome surprise since I was recommended by another orthodontist what I now recognize as unnecessary overtreatment. He welcomes patients who just need to be monitored at no charge. What a breath of fresh air to know there are still professionals out there who truly put the patient first. I cannot say it enough, but I am truly thankful that we made the appointment here, and I am forever grateful my child has been treated with such respect and care.

– Colin O.

He is currently overseeing my daughter’s braces. He and his staff are extremely friendly and patient. They answered all of our many questions. They accept interest-free payment plans, or you can pay in full for a 5% discount. They are even in-network with Metlife military insurance. I highly recommend Hook Orthodontics for any braces needs! A+ service.

– Meli M.

When I was ten, my orthodontist told my mother that a Herbst appliance would fix my overbite, so of course she spent tons of money to pay for it. Fast forward fifteen years and my overbite was just as bad until I came into Hook Orthodontics. Between his excellent work and the work of the surgeons at Tripler, I am on my way to better bite and less overall pain.

– Emily F.

I was referred to Hook by a friend while searching for an orthodontist, shortly after moving to the island. My son had been to several orthodontists. He had braces off and on starting in the third grade, mainly due to what I was told was “a pretty extreme overbite.” We tried nearly every appliance and treatment available, and I spent thousands of dollars in the process. Hook Orthodontics was able to correct my son’s overbite and whatever issues he had in less than two years, using the existing appliances. My son had his braces off just in time for his senior year in high school, and his teeth look amazing! I don’t believe that I could find an orthodontist that practices with such caring and honesty and with such expertise. I highly recommend Hook; you will be satisfied with your results!

– Tracy Z.

I could not be happier with Hook orthodontics. My son came here from the mainland with braces still on, and I was going to pay out of pocket for continued care. The staff spent over an hour with me, showing me different cases, reviewing articles, even with permission, showed me another young patient’s teeth without braces. With no charge, Hook removed my son’s “phase one” braces, and as the team reassured me 1,000 times, his teeth did fall naturally into place.

– Kathryn B.

I came to Hook Orthodontics after a small discussion with a friend about an orthodontist who told me that my daughter, who has lower jaw growing much faster than the upper needed to have few teeth removed or possible surgery to be able to have braces. Once my daughter heard that she was terrified and left the office crying nonstop. Of course, I thought if this was even worth any more if to go through all this to get her teeth straight. I was hesitant because I thought another it will be a déja vu, another moneymaker! Surgeries, extractions, $7800 braces just like what I heard, and of course, quick in and out.

I said to myself, my friend is usually good about her recommendations and that I should just try it. When I went to the appointment, we were surprisingly told that she is not ready for braces. That was a good start, and he took us to his office to explain why.

He started by saying that her lower jaw is growing much faster than the upper and continued to explain to us that if he even put braces and extracted a couple of teeth, nothing will be fixed unless her jaw stops growing and the problem persists. He then showed many photos of other kids as examples who had the same issue. He even showed us a computer animation of the issue of faster-growing jaw to educate us of how the teeth move in her case and obviously convinced us that the only solution is to wait until her lower jaw stops growing.

He told us that he was against extracting any teeth just to get it done and that it will be only a temporary fix, and quite frankly, he is not interested in doing for a reason to make money as some others do.

He has been checking her every year for the last 2.5 years, and he thought she needs to wait another two years. He is through working with my son, and we couldn’t be more grateful for his honest advice. I am sure there are other few orthodontists out there who would be as honest as him, but they are hard to find. For my son, the charge was much lower than I expected, and I was very surprised to pay only $4700. He explained to me that he is part of an organization that, based on my insurance, will cap the charges to make it affordable and not overwhelm parents.

– Rachid S.

The staff here is so friendly. I’ve been coming for 4 1/2 years. The team is very professional, affordable, and accommodating. They will go out of his way to make sure anything you need gets done. I highly recommend Hook Orthodontics for any orthodontic treatment. A+ Service.

– Heather F.

The Hook Orthodontics team is so knowledgeable and accommodating. I have two kids in different stages of treatment, and they have met every need and concern we have had. They have been accommodating when we have had scheduling conflicts and always offer other appointment times, even at other locations, to meet our schedule. This office doesn’t oversell their services. They are honest and upfront with their services and always work for the patient and their needs. If you want quality orthodontics by a caring and professional staff, this is your place!

– Jennifer J.

Hook Orthodontics is great! They are undoing what my former ortho did to my teeth, which was traumatizing. If you are unhappy with your current ortho or looking for one to make you smile again, please contact Hook. They are patient and kind. I highly recommend them. They have three offices conveniently located for great results.

– Sunny K.

While we were in town on vacation, my son had a brace pop off on a Friday night. After attempting to clip the wire ourselves (unsuccessfully) we searched for an orthodontist with Saturday hours and found Hook. We took a chance and drove over to see if they could work us in first thing. Not only did they take care of the wire right away, they handled us free of charge. That’s a class act in my book. A++ for customer service.

– Kim O.

I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with Hook Orthodontics! When it comes to just about anything, customers look for two major things, quality of work and cost. I entrusted Hook with my son’s braces after visiting several orthodontists in the area. I was told time and again that Invisalign was the only way to go and also came with about a $7,500 price tag (on the lower end). After talking with the Hook Orthodontics team, I learned how far more effective traditional braces are and additionally, the price was much more reasonable. I decided to trust the team and I am very happy I did. The process went exactly the way it was described, and the timeframe was nearly exact. The final product, my son’s smile, is phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier! Big Mahalo to Hook Orthodontics, you are all amazing!!

– Nathan C.