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Welcome to Hook Orthodontics

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We are excited that you are considering our practice for your orthodontic health care needs.

Hook Orthodontics is a unique orthodontic practice in that we strive to deliver excellence in the quality of care that we provide. We offer comprehensive orthodontic health care services in a caring and friendly environment and specialize in orthodontics for children, teens and adults.

We pride ourselves on running a practice, not a business. Dr. Bradley Hook and his caring staff provide one of the highest-rated and most affordable orthodontic treatments on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

We understand that you have a choice in who provides your orthodontic care. We are confident that once you have visited our office, met with Dr. Hook and our staff, it will become obvious to you that you have made the right choice.

Featured Blogs

Hook Orthodontics: It's Time for a Second Opinion
September 9th, 2019
1) Pretty simple. I don’t believe or like what I’m hearing. Heck, you may not like what I’m telling you. I was the fifth opinion once. The first four suggested a $4000 procedure, I recommended extracting a primary tooth only. It worked.2) The fees are too high. Higher does not mean better.3) Be careful of a hard sell.4) Most eight year old's do not need treatment.5) If you do Phase I treatment, your child probably won’t need orthodontic treatment, Phase II) later, or it may be...[Read full blog post]
Hook Orthodontics: I Hate Social Media
August 29th, 2019
I know, my mom said you should not use the word “hate.” But I really hate social media. Here are the reasons why:1) You can’t believe everything on the internet. Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews are full of lies. I long for days of old where word of mouth referrals were the gold standard. Paying fees to SEO and consultants are supposed to help place your company on the first few pages of an online search. You can see this when doctors have hundreds on online reviews. It is very common to...[Read full blog post]
All Transfers Welcomed at Hook Orthodontics
March 14th, 2019
Why are we a most respected orthodontic practice in Hawaii for over 25 years? We have always practiced “The Golden Rule” or the principle of treating others as one’s self would wish to be treated.Our fees are thousands less. All transfers are accepted with reasonable fees. We have been trained in all orthodontic appliances, including Damon and Invisalign. Call for a consultation, you’ll be glad you did. Please read the two articles by Dr. Peter Greco, Editor for Ethics...[Read full blog post]
Your Eight Year Old Does Not Need Braces
December 20th, 2018
You better think real hard and/or get a second opinion before you pay $4,000 and commit 1-2 years for Phase I treatment, then do it all over when all the permanent teeth come in. This Phase II will cost $5,000+. Total cost approximately $12,000. That would commit a parent to take your child to the orthodontist for 3-5 years. That's about 50 appointments. Both parents and kids would be burned out when the REAL treatment is started. No thanks. None of my four children had Phase I. ...[Read full blog post]

Featured Testimonial

Dear Dr. Hook,
Several months ago, I came to you with my son and daughter for our evaluation regarding braces for them both. My daughter was ready to proceed, but I found out that we would be in our window of moving off the island toward the end of her treatment, so we opted to wait until our next location. My son had a referral to an orthodontist because he was 9 years old, had a supernumerary tooth that had been pulled and his front tooth was not coming down despite the fact that it had been over a year.

Our pediatric dentist had referred us to another orthodontist, but I brought him to you due to your good reviews and proximity to our home. I'm so thankful that we did. You looked at his X-ray and said that the only thing he needed was the nearest baby tooth removed because it was blocking the front tooth from descending. You wrote a referral back to the pediatric dentist telling him to remove the tooth.

Upon receiving the referral, at the appointment to remove the tooth, I was asked why I went with you instead of the orthodontist that he referred me to, and was told that although you believed the tooth would come down without braces and chains attached to pull it, he was doubtful of your prediction. He also highly suggested I come back in and have the gum lasered to accelerate the descent, before reconsidering another orthodontist. I declined the laser cutting of his gum, and instead just waited to see what would happen.

My son has two beautiful front teeth now. His tooth fully came down as you predicted, and since we will be moving soon I feel obliged to let you know how it all turned out, and how impressed I was with your candor. You could have sold us braces, attached chains to the tooth, and dragged this process out as invasively and financially expensive as possible, and I wouldn't have been the wiser. Instead, you honestly gave us the least invasive and cost-effective treatment, all at our first consultation. Your diagnosis and treatment recommendation were openly questioned by my pediatric dentist, however, you were correct.

Your honesty means so much to me as a mom, and I feel obliged to share my experience with you for other parents in my position. Thank you. After two pediatric dentists and two oral surgeons telling me that they did not believe that tooth would come down without chains attached, you proved them all wrong, and for that, you have my sincere gratitude.

Respectfully yours,
Carol S.
PS. Your receptionist is very sweet as well.

Military and Transfers Welcome

Hook Orthodontics is the #1 Trusted United Concordia and Tricare Provider in Hawaii and proudly serves military families stationed on Oahu.

We also welcome out-of-state transfer patients as well as patients desiring a second opinion.

How does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Your Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made for you. The aligners are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth.

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